Meal Plans

Welcome to Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College dining services are managed by Aladdin Food Management Services. Here at GCC we offer a program that meets the needs of today’s student. Each year you will experience exciting changes, fresh menus, and new enhancements to your dining program. These changes are a result of the feedback and input of many students, parents, and staff members.

Dining Hall Information and Policies

Supporting Local Farms & Food

Greenfield Community College is a proud supporter of local agriculture and the Buy Local initiative.

We are proud to be partners with the: MA FARM TO SCHOOL PROGRAM
The Massachusetts Farm to School Project seeks to increase access to healthy, locally grown food in schools and other institutions for the good of our children, our farms and our communities.

We are proud to be partners with CISA:
Community involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) strengthens farms and engages the community to build the local food economy. At CISA we take a grounded visionary approach to all of our work by solving today’s problems while looking towards future challenges. It is a world where more food and farm products are locally produced, farmers have the skills and resources to sustain their businesses and land, and all community residents have access to locally grown farm products.


Registered Dietician

We have a wealth of resources available to our guests, including the expert guidance of a registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as sports nutrition, weight control, food allergies, or medically prescribed diets.


The FSD is available to answer any nutritional or allergy-related questions. The dining staff will make any reasonable accommodations for students with allergies. Identifiers are also placed in front of the meal selections to denote which allergens they may contain.

Food Service Committee

The Food Service Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions concerning food service.

If you have any ideas about the Dining Hall or Meal Options, you may contact a committee member, drop a note in the suggestion box,email us a comment, or speak to the Food Service Director.

If you are interested in being a member of the committee contact the Food Service Director.

Speak Up

This is YOUR dining service and we are here to serve you! We appreciate your input and feedback to better meet your needs. You can make your voice heard through comment cards or just introduce yourself and tell us what you think.

Special Dietary Needs

If you have special dietary needs please consult with the Food Service Director.  All efforts will be made to meet your special needs.

Meals On The Go

If a required school activity prohibits you from attending a meal(s), we will pack a meal(s) for you. Please have your department head or coach request your needs at least 24 hours in advance with the Dining Manager. ID will be needed when an order is picked up.